May 31 2018

New Property Syndication Opportunity – Queenstown

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If you are thinking about expanding your property portfolio then this new opportunity may be just what you are looking for.

Our sister company Erskine + Owen have just released a new Syndication Offer in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Property Syndication means shared ownership by pooling together with other investors to access property you couldn’t buy alone. Advantages to syndication:

  • Opportunity to gain access to the property market, when you may currently be unable to invest.
  • Exposure to the property market with sensible leverage.
  • Access to potentially higher-value and higher growth freehold property.
  • Potential risk mitigation: with maximum funding of 50%, the bank will not require personal guarantees and has recourse only to the property.*
  • Leverage Erskine + Owen’s considerable buying experience.

To view details of this new investment opportunity please click: Erskine + Owen Syndication Offer, Ladies Mile, Queenstown.

If you would like to increase your property portfolio but believe current market conditions are too tough – this new syndication opportunity could be the answer.

* Based on current bank policy as at March 2017.

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