Apr 18 2018

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Why Point Property Management?

Because our goal is to increase your yield and your capital value.

We see property management as an act of wealth creation, which done well requires specialist skill and focus.

It requires a property management company that will manage with intelligence.

What sets us apart

Premium Property Management:  First and foremost, we ensure your property is managed with the utmost care and attention.   At Point we understand how much effort goes into purchasing and owning a rental property – so we do not take the responsibility of its care lightly!  Click here to see our property management process in detail.

Point Property is a member of the Real Estate Institute of NZ, members of IPMNZ and our Directors are Licensed by the REAA.


A Focus on Property Yield & Capital Value Growth:  With over 25+ years in property management, we understand what home improvements lead to greater rental returns and capital value increases.  Point Property will regularly assess your property and supply you with a unique Property Growth Plan.  Not only that, but we will then manage and see these renovations through to their completion and the realisation of your greater returns.

Don’t just sit on your investment – elevate it!  Click here to find out more about our Property Growth Plans.


Comprehensive Portfolio Investment Services:  An investment property has the potential to be the foundation for greater investment – by leveraging your capital and expanding your portfolio.  Through our sister company Erskine + Owen we offer an end-to-end service – from financial planning, mortgage advice and brokering on your behalf, to sourcing great potential rental properties through our buying team.  Click here to find out more.


Property investment can be the key to financial stability and freedom – if you invest, grow and manage it with intelligence.


Talk to us today and ask for a FREE Rental Appraisal!  Click here to find out more.
Still unsure if you need a property manager at all?  Click here to read our 10 Reasons Why a Property Manager may be right for you!
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