How Is Point Different?

You don’t invest in property for the fun it. You are doing it to achieve a lifestyle goal; so you can live without having to work; provide for kids education; provide a deposit for a house for your kids; to support a charity. Whatever your motivation – the better your portfolio performs the faster you will get to your goals.

So at Point, we start with your end goals in mind. While we love to know what those goals are – it’s not essential – as we know that it doesn’t matter what the goal is, it will always require optimising the financial performance. Yes – we are relentless on the basics – right tenant, eliminating arrears, thorough inspections, but we go above and beyond these to help you optimise profitability.

To do that we:

Get you the best property managers

We’ve been running Point for coming up a decade and have learnt the hard way that we are only as good as the people in the team. Being a property manager is a relentless job and it is not for everyone.  So we have systems in place to make sure that the team gets regular training, are well supported, have regular holidays and are not overloaded with too many properties – and of course, are remunerated well. We don’t always get it right – but we are always open to feedback and always looking to improve.

Think and act on portfolio profitability

  1. Maintenance – is it a nice to have – or is it essential to protect against greater cost down the track? We want to minimise maintenance expenditure…over the long term.
  2. Improvement – Will a set of french doors and a deck allow you to increase rent to the extent it will be greater than the increased interest on the renovation cost?
  3. Cashflow – May get tough for you and you might think selling is the only way out. Our PMs are trained to offer the services of financial advisors in sister company Erskine + Owen. In the past, we’ve worked with clients and found options to keep a property by improving cash flow through a mixture of refinancing and property improvement.

Help with portfolio expansion

The great thing about property is that through leverage you can build a portfolio. But…maybe you don’t have time. The team can help by introducing you to our mortgage broker, or financial advisor, or the Erskine + Owen buying team. The Point team get regular updates from the Erskine + Owen (our sister company) team on property market developments across finance, tax changes, areas that are developing/ declining, etc, so that they can alert you as appropriate.

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