Free Healthy Homes Assessment

We are offering a free Healthy Homes Assessment


Totally confused by the new rental property government regulations?

Here at Point Property Management our team fully understand the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and the Healthy Homes Act. We want to make your investment work for you.

By not complying with the Healthy Homes Act 2017 means that your rental property could become vulnerable to court processes, resulting in large fines.

To help you commence your due diligence in complying with the Act, we are offering a free Healthy Homes Assessment on your property (value $350) if you team up with us. We will contract a professional company to assess your property – Free of charge.

You will be sent a comprehensive report of compliance, along with a plan to bring your property up to the required level and finally compliance certification. The process is robust and takes away the onerous liability from you.


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