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If you are already with another agency…

We can help you with the transition to Point.  Most property management companies have a specified notice period for terminating their services. This should be outlined in your management agreement with that agency. Once you’ve established a termination period, email your current property management company, advising them of your intention to change. Make sure to establish a confirmed end date, then send us contact details. We will take it from there.

A useful list of things at handover:
  • A copy of the current Tenancy Agreement.
  • A signed ‘Change of Landlord/ Agent Form’ for the bond. We provide this.
  • Full transaction history for the tenancy.
  • Full set of keys for the property – one key for every lock.
  • A copy of the condition report prepared at the beginning of the tenancy.
  • Any remedy notices issued to the tenant during the course of the tenancy.
  • Any Tenancy Tribunal or Mediator’s Orders for the tenancy.

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