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If you have a rental property in Hamilton – then you have an asset that should ultimately provide you with both a solid reliable yield and increasing capital value. Hamilton is the heart of the North Island – and it is set to start pumping with increasing infrastructure, development and population growth!  Managed well, your Hamilton property can be the foundation for your financial development and security.

So it's worth your time to find a property management company that understands not just the Hamilton rental market – but property investment, portfolio development, and wealth creation.

Point Property & Portfolio Management offers both premium property management, as well as the opportunity to develop your investment potential through our sister company Erskine Owen – one of New Zealand's most innovative property investment companies.   

Our comprehensive property management services


Maximised profit, minimised downside

At Point Property Management, we protect your investment, maximise return and ensure compliance.

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Enhanced capital growth

Achieve greater growth with your property by using our property management service, mortgage advice, and project management service.

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Portfolio expansion

Add quality investment properties to your portfolio using our mortgage, sourcing and negotiation services. 

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With your Hamilton investment property, you can make the most of Hamilton's ascendancy – with a property management company that will help you invest, manage & grow your property with intelligence. 

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