Commercial property management services

Commercial property and portfolio management services


We prepare a monthly income and expenditure statement for your commercial property, including all incoming and outgoing disbursements. And at the end of the financial year we forward you a “Financial Statement”, detailing the annual income and expenditure for each property, minimizing accountants costs.

Secure rent collection

All rent is collected into our audited trust account.

Tenant management

We ensure tenants are informed as to what is expected from them under the commercial lease agreement, from building maintenance to payment of rent – including whether they are on a gross lease or a net lease. We manage the tenant to ensure the property is well cared for and looked after at all times.


We have a reliable team that we work with. We monitor all repairs and maintenance closely, and all maintenance is logged through a specialized software system.

Capital expenditure

We prepare an Asset Management Schedule, giving you long term budgeting requirements enabling you to maintain your asset accordingly to your cashflow.

Rent reviews

We have an expert team who understand the commercial rental market, who will assess your property to ensure you are receiving the best possible rental return at all times. We understand the need to increase yields whilst maintaining the asset value and where necessary work with registered valuers.

Arrears control

We follow a strict process to deal with arrears. We have a zero tolerance for outstanding rent.

Legal obligations

Our team are conversant with commercial property legislation and compliance, implementing where necessary.


Preparation of operating costs budget and capital expenditure forecasts.

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