Looking at Expanding Your Property Portfolio?

If you have plans to grow your portfolio, but just don’t have the time or market knowledge to make confident buying decisions then you may like to consider using our sister company Erskine + Owen, one of New Zealand’s very first Buyers’ Agents.

What are Buyers’ Agents?

A buyers’ agent, as opposed to a sales agent, finds and acquires property for and on behalf of a specific buyer offering an end to end solution for the whole process. Finding an excellent investment property takes deep knowledge and hard work.

Erskine + Owen will research dozens of properties, create a customised plan and buying brief to your financial goals and then negotiate the best deal for you, ensuring all checks have been carried out before going unconditional.

Why Use Erskine + Owen?  

Erskine + Owen have been helping people create a passive income from property for the last 10 years.

What makes them unique is their blend of commercial and financial acumen combined with over 20 years of property experience. Which they have used to help hundreds of clients build in excess of 100 million in equity.

Erskine + Owen offer a personalised buying service for both residential and commercial properties, and an opportunity to take part in property syndications.