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On one hand, property is a simple long-term investment – put it in the bottom drawer and wait for it to generate equity and/or passive income. On the other hand – interest rates, tenancies, finance and tax rules, property values etc., change, and it forces us to make decisions. For example, higher holding costs might be making you think you should sell. But is that the best thing for your portfolio…. or for you? Or…you may benefit from just refinancing…how could that help? Which bank will offer the largest cash back?

All of these matters and wider conversations about your portfolio – we can help with, specifically the team at our sister company, Erskine Owen.

Erskine Owen:

  • Are experienced financial advisors
    They have helped many Point clients with cashflow and financing solutions. Recently a Point client sat down with Erskine Owen and said they wanted to sell one of their properties to lighten load of higher interest costs. Erskine Owen found a simple solution that still made good financial sense. The stress was relieved, the client still owns the property and will get the benefit of future capital gains.
  • Can restructure your finance
    Erskine Owen have mortgage brokers in the team who are expert at working with the banks and helping clients find solutions to hold on to property.  This may save you a lot of time, and possibly propose options you may not know about to ask your bank directly.
  • Can help you with your next property purchase
    For over 16 years, Erskine Owen has been acting as a buyer agent – building property portfolios for investors. If you are planning on growing your changing (maybe you’re ready to move from residential to commercial?) your portfolio, Erskine Owen can do it for you. They will understand your financial goals (super important!), then write up a very specific buying brief. They do all the search and negotiation. They run a thorough due diligence. They see the deal right through to settlement. It really works – that’s because they have the evidence of lots of clients that have built portfolios that successfully are/have met their financial goals – many of them are Point landlords.
  • Can help when it is the right time to sell
    Because Erskine Owen are property buyers, they understand what a buyer looks for when you’re selling a property and know who are the most effective sales agents. They are licenced under the Real Estates Agent Authority, but they don’t sell, rather they offer a vendor advocacy service. They will recommend a sales agent, negotiate the selling commission, marketing, and method of sale. The great thing is, there is no cost to you. The sales agent pays them based on the referral.

If you would like to know more about how Erskine Owen could help you can:


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