6 Reasons You Should Hire a Property Management Company in 2018

What do property management companies do?

Property management companies save all of the hassles of collecting rent, handling maintenance and repairs, responding to tenants complaints, marketing your property etc. Of course, there are costs entailed by paying a property management company to handle these processes for you, but when considering the value of your time as your current hourly wage as well as future potential earnings this is often a worthwhile investment.

When should landlords contact a property management company?

The more units you own, the more difficult the task of managing those properties becomes. While the value of your investment assets are growing, investing in a property management company so you can focus on other areas of personal and professional development may be one of the wisest decisions you could ever make.

Is Your Property Portfolio is expanding faster than you can handle?

If your property portfolio is expanding and you’re considering hiring a residential manager but are nervous about undertaking the burden of being an employer.

Features like clear and easy rental statements detailing every detail of the income you’ve earned as well as your expenditure emailed to you on a monthly basis.

Quality Tenant Screening Meaning Higher Quality Tenants

A bad tenant can spell disaster to your stress levels, and become a major financial burden. However, screening to select the right tenants can be a complicated and arduous process.

Occasionally, you will have to chase up tenants to ensure they are paying rent. Of course, property management companies will handle all this stress for you, meaning you’ll get paid on time,

Fewer Legal Issues

Experienced landlords will recognise that one lousy tenant can not only be a financial liability but also cause severe legal headaches. If you have an experienced property management firm taking care of the situation, then it’s likely they’ve seen the situation before. Qualified companies like Point property Management come equipped with the requisite knowledge to protect landlords from many potential legal vulnerabilities and even occasional lawsuits. This could save you a considerable financial burden, and reduce the chance of legal stress.

Shorter Periods of Vacancy

When existing tenants leave expectantly, finding new tenants can take a huge amount of time and diligence. The longer the property remains vacant the longer you lose out on those rental payments. On the other hand, if you rush the process and choose poor quality tenants the issues further down the road can be enormous.

Points experience in property management means we can do all the hard work for you, meaning the periods your property are left vacant are likely to be considerably shorter and the quality of the tenants you acquire will be higher.

Why Choose Point Property Management?

Point review and renew your properties rent every six months to ensure the rent being charged is in line with the local market. This assures you get the most out of your investment properties.

Point also conducts thorough ongoing property inspections (every 13 weeks). These inspections allow us to build rapport with your properties tenants, ensure the right tenants are still living at the property, and reinforce expectations about the properties upkeep. Point records the condition of every property before tenants moving in. These regular inspections leave no room for any disputes about changes to any damages to the premises.

Your properties will inevitably require occasional maintenance and repairs; when they do, point property can have you covered, we can hire reliable tradespeople to perform maintenance at highly competitive prices. Point Property Management will also organise the right aesthetic improvements to ensure you get the most value out of your rental property.

If you’re a landlord looking for reliable and worry-free property management services that complement your lifestyle. Then Point Property Management have you covered. Point Property Management will work with you to help make your property work towards the achievement of your long-term financial goals. We can also help provide advice on the right time to consider expanding your property portfolio or developing your land to create new titles or dwellings.

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