10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Property Manager

Yes.  You could manage your rental yourself.  But it’s worth considering why you shouldn’t.

1.  Return

Your first thought is about the fees, right?  Why should I pay for someone else to do what I can do?  Because property investment is a long term proposition – and in the long term having a team of the right professionals on your side not only saves you money – but helps you make more of it.  That’s the whole focus of Point Property Management – your ROI.

2.  Focus on growth

The goal is not just to sit on your investment – but to elevate it!  Our team are always looking out for new ways you can make your investment work harder for you.  Will a carport give you a greater return?  We’ll investigate, run the numbers, and even organise the contractors and deliver the result.

3.  Time: How much is your time worth?

Managing a rental can consume both your real time – and your headspace time as you navigate the legalities and personalities involved.  Whereas Point Property Management not only gives you valuable time back – but through our refined processes and expertise, we are able to deliver better results in better time.

4.  Stress: Life is just better without it.

We pay for things to alleviate stress (wine, chocolate, more wine…) – so why not pay to avoid it altogether?  Our team at Point Property are ready for anything.  Let us handle it:  You invest, we’ll sort the rest.

5.  Expertise & Experience

You name it, we’ve seen it before.  When you have property managers with over 25 years’ experience in the office, there’s always someone who has the tried and true solution to whatever curve ball comes our way.  Which is why we are the team you want on your side.

6.  We work with the best

If something needs fixing we know the best person for the job.  Our buying power means we get the sharpest prices, prompt service – and a job well done.

7.  Tenant Selection & Relationships

Point Property Managers are trained and experienced in tenant selection – we won’t entrust your property to just anyone.  And we work hard to maintain great relationships with your tenants (happy tenants = happy landlords).

8.  Paperwork & Records

Every inspection (which is every 3 months), every contact, everything important is recorded, properly documented and sorted.  It’s one less thing you need to worry about.

9.  Responsibilities to the Legalities

Are you on top of your responsibilities according to the Residential Tenancies Act?  How about Healthy Homes Guarantee Act? or 2018 Privacy Bill? It's OK.  We are.  It’s our job to know and ensure that in every way your rental is compliant with all legislation and you are aware of any new amendments (of which there have been many!).  The courts are notoriously punitive to landlords who fall short.  We’ll keep you informed of what you need to know and help sort any changes that need to be made.

10.  It’s All About Our Team

Property Management is really all about people!  And Point Property Management has the most passionate and enthusiastic team of people you could hope for.

So give us a call.  Or fill in the form below, and we’ll give you a call.

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