Point Property Management’s Response to COVID 19

Once again, we are living in uncertain times, with the Covid-19 Delta variant now in our community.  We are fortunate enough to live here in New Zealand – where we are all hoping the outcome of these transmissions will not be as severe as seen elsewhere in the world. 

Even so, with the latest Level 4 restrictions upon us, we all are going to have to adapt again to the reality of self-isolation in the short term. 

We want to reassure you that, even over this period, our responsibility to you and your tenants remains our utmost priority. The Point Property Management office has had to close – but our entire team are still working and are here to help. 

Property Inspections 

Property inspections cannot be carried out in person under the Level 4 restrictions - so all in-person property inspections will be deferred until clearance is given. However, all of our Property Managers are in the process of contacting tenants and talking through their responsibilities over this time. 

Repairs & Maintenance 

All tenants have been asked to report any repair needs or maintenance issues to their Property Manager as normal. We will then determine whether any issues are urgent – ie. a core necessity which requires immediate action and therefore allowed under Level 4 lockdown. 

It may be that some repairs are deemed non-urgent and will need to wait until the alert level is reduced. However, our fantastic team of contractors are still available, and will advise us on what maintenance items can, and cannot be completed: we will not let any repair issues go unresolved. 


In our initial lockdown in March 2021, we managed tenants rent responsibilities and minimal arrears occurred within the portfolio.  Tenants have been reminded that there has been no change to their rent payment requirements. Our team will as always, be monitoring this closely and respond if any issues arise. 

Health Importance 

We understand the importance of caring for each other during Covid-19 lockdowns. Our Property Managers are fully equipped to work through Level 4 restrictions, so that your tenants – and your property are well cared for. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your Property Manager. 

Stay safe, stay home, and stay positive!  

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