Summer maintenance & holiday tips

Summer is the golden opportunity to get stuff done around your property. However, with everyone taking holidays, and then the busyness of heading back to school/work, the opportunity to organise it all can pass you by.

So, if you haven’t already established what needed to be done in the Spring – you’ll need to do it soon! It’s best to plan ahead, sort out what you’ll need to get done, book in your contractors and then be able to relax over the summer break knowing it’s all in hand.

Point Property started their summer maintenance programme early November, and many of you will have been working with your property manager on implementing this.


Tip 1: Review what needs to be done

Conduct a thorough property inspection, keeping in mind the jobs that can creep up on you over the Winter & Spring. Consider:

  • Heat pump/air conditioners/HRV and clothes dryer vent maintenance
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Water blasting/housewash – mould would have built up over winter on external walls that face South or are shaded by trees.  A regular house wash gives longer life to paint work and weather boards
  • BBQ/Pool maintenance
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Tree & shrub maintenance
  • Regular maintenance spray for Moss/lichen on your roof gives longer life to the roof
  • Preventative spray against spiders & insects around property
  • Gutter cleaning – an essential maintenance item for all houses to prevent build up and back washing of water into house


Tip 2: Get ready for a Big Dry

While the ground is still moist, any digging is best done now! So, if you’re considering fencing projects, tree removal – or even installing sprinkler systems, try to get this done before the ground turns rock hard over Jan/Feb.  Apparently, we are in for a long hot summer.


Tip 3: Short Term/Long Term Project Planning

Consider what else you can do to your property to improve its capital value – and subsequently improve the rental return. Often simple alterations or renovations can make a big difference.

Point Property Management specialises in its Point Growth Plan service:  where our team will assess what could be done to increase the value & yield, run the numbers, and can even manage the process for you.  In 2023 our property managers will be talking with you as to how we can increase your rental return.

Summer is often a time of holidays or even transition for tenants, so if you have a period where your property is unoccupied it’s a great opportunity to get some larger project work done.


Tip 4: sort your Healthy Homes strategy

The Christmas break may also be the ideal time for you to focus on what you want to tick off in the new year to ensure your property is Healthy Homes compliant.

Installing heat pumps and vents now, will make sure your tenants are warm and cozy this winter, which means your tenants will want to stay in the property longer. Several of the banks and Councils are currently offering interest-free loans for Healthy Homes related improvements, check with your bank.


Tip 5: Prevention is better than cure

Don’t put it off!  It’s hard to pull yourself out of holiday mode – but maintenance jobs sorted now will save you stress, cost and inconvenience down the line.

Of course, having a Point Property Manager makes it easier to switch off over the holidays – especially as our team are always on call. Talk to Point Property today and plan for a stress-free Summer.