Should I sell my investment property or hold onto it?

August 20, 2021

There is a saying that goes “the safest place for ships is in the harbour, but that is not what they were built for”. Imagine having a ship, let’s call it a luxury yacht – big, new and just delivered. It’s big, and it sits in its berth – imposing yet inviting. You can’t wait…

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The Global Search For Yield & Other Major Changes

November 4, 2019

Tony Alexander – Economics Speaker and Writer, I have recently accompanied Point Properties sister company Erskine + Owen for the roadshows of their latest syndication to give a presentation on the ways in which the world we have all come to know over the last 30- 60 years has shifted . Words We No Longer…

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No Capital Gains Tax

May 1, 2019

Three weeks ago, people were hesitating to make property investment decisions pending the government’s announcement on a Capital Gains Tax. I think most of us were expecting a CGT, at least on residential property – but there was nothing. Political genius, opportunism, planned? Call it what you want – Capital Gains Tax is essentially off…

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