What’s the point of investing in rental property if it’s not meeting your financial goals?

We are driven by maximising return on investment for our landlords.

Get sound advice and practical solutions from our property management team and find out how you can maximise the performance of your current or prospective rental investment.

At Point Property we’re asking the RIGHT questions

The rent

  • Are you maximising rental rates?
  • Is the rent being reviewed on a regular basis?
  • Is your rent being paid in advance?
  • Is the rent being collected held in an audited trust account?
  • Is a sufficient bond held – and is it held with Tenancy Services?
  • Is everything possible being done to collect any over-due rents and other amounts owing from the tenant?

Is your property being looked after?

  • Is the property being adequately maintained by the tenant – and if not what can be done to ensure the tenant meets expectations for maintaining the property?
  • Are there any at risk maintenance areas in the property that should be dealt with sooner rather than later?

Are your maximising your return on investment?

  • Are there simple improvements that could be made that will allow you to increase your properties equity?
  • Is the property/ portfolio providing you maximum capital growth – if that is what your goal is?
  • Do you know if there is future potential to develop the land to create new titles and/or dwellings?

Just bought an investment property?

Buying a property can be exciting and stressful!

You will want as little “down time” as possible, so finding a tenant is critical. If your property needs some attention to prepare it for tenancy we have an expert team who can help. Our property managers will look after any standard repairs, maintenance, and general tidy up.

Already have a property manager?

Moving managements is a simple process. There will be a notice period that you will need to give your existing manager. We have a standard letter you can complete and send. Then we will make direct contact to get all the information we need to transition the tenant seamlessly.

Switch to Point Property and you can be assured your property is in great hands.