Important changes to the Tenancies Act re: Insulation that landlords need to be aware of

November 23, 2017

Why? If your tenants complain to the ministry you could be up for a $4,000 fine. You may have missed our emails regarding insulation. If so – contact your property manager now to discuss how we can get this sorted for you. All residential rental homes will be required to have insulation to help keep…

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Keep warm with lower bills this winter

May 2, 2017

Winter means chilly evenings and big electricity bills, right? Not necessarily. There are loads of smart ways to stay warm and cosy, while making sure you’re not stung by a huge bill at the end of the month. Here are some top tips for winter to help you stay healthy and comfortable, cost-effectively. Stay dry.…

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How to negotiate a successful tenancy

May 10, 2016

What terms should a landlord discuss with a tenant before finalising the tenancy agreement? On the completion of marketing your property to potential tenants, you will receive the completed applications. Once you have worked through The Tenant Selection Process you will hopefully have chosen a tenant who best suits your property. Now it is time…

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