Improving Health and Well-being: Habitat for Humanity’s Healthy Homes Initiative


Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide safe and affordable housing to families in need around the world. In New Zealand, Habitat for Humanity focuses on the Healthy Homes Initiative, which aims to provide interventions to improve the health and well-being of families living in rental properties. Point Property Management has been supporting Habitat for Humanity over the years, helping landlords and tenants improve their rentals.

As one of our long-term key charity partners, Habitat Northern has been a significant contributor to Te Whatu Ora – Health NZ’s Healthy Homes Initiative, which offers interventions across Tāmaki Makaurau and Tai Tokerau. The organisation works with landlords and tenants to provide home assessments, education, and support, along with effective interventions that help families to stay warmer, drier, and healthier.

Point Property Management and our sister company Erskine Owen have been strong supporters of Habitat Northern’s approach to working with both landlords and tenants. By partnering with landlords, Habitat Northern is able to provide interventions that may not be possible for tenants to afford on their own. Landlords also benefit from improved property values and reduced maintenance costs, as well as a reduced risk of tenant turnover.

Habitat Northern’s approach is also designed to promote equity in health and social outcomes. Nearly half of the families served by the Healthy Homes Initiative are Māori or Pacific Islanders, and the program has been shown to reduce hospitalisations and improve school attendance for these families. For more on the Healthy Homes Initiative, read here: The Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI) is making a tangible contribution to better health outcomes in Aotearoa – Habitat for Humanity New Zealand

Overall, Habitat for Humanity’s Healthy Homes Initiative is making a tangible contribution to health and social outcomes for referred whānau in New Zealand. By partnering with landlords and tenants, the organization is able to provide interventions that improve living conditions and promote healthier outcomes for families in rental properties. With each $1 invested in Habitat’s Healthy Homes programme, there is $6.30 return in value to society, with an astounding $4.35 in health-related benefits, making it a valuable investment for donors who want to make a difference in their communities. Point Property Management is dedicated to helping both landlords and tenants to achieve a better outcome.

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