Taking a client-centric view the key for new Point CEO

Taking a client-centric view the key for new Point CEO

Alistair Bone, recently appointed head of Point Property + Portfolio Management, talks about his philosophy of adding maximum value for clients.

Eight weeks into his new job, Alistair Bone has spent a lot of time talking. Or rather, listening. ‘I’ve been meeting a lot of clients, having in-depth conversations about their investment goals and long-term objectives,’ says the new Point Property + Portfolio Management CEO.

‘It’s exciting. The thing that’s struck me time and again, is how much they appreciate being asked. They say, ‘other management companies would never talk like this’. They’re confident we have their interests at heart. To me, that’s our differentiator.’

Point Property + Portfolio Management is of course, sister to Erskine + Owen, specialists in residential investment. That gives POINT a unique edge, Alistair believes. ‘We have a customer centric approach, and I’d like to take this even further – we don’t just manage the tenancy side for our clients, but really take time to understand their long-term financial objectives and work with them to achieve those.’

Key to this he says, is understanding that there’s no such thing as a ‘typical investor’ – every portfolio is as unique as its owner, and it’s impossible to draw parallels between them.

Although Alistair’s background is in finance – 17 years in senior management roles, including in Africa and India – he says a focus on building strong relationships is the common denominator.

Since starting he’s also spent time getting out and about with POINT’s Property Managers, understanding the nuances of their role and the effort they put into giving great service. ‘We’ve got a really great team – I’m delighted to be working with them and helping them develop. They’re all highly professional, and we’ll only get stronger and more responsive.’

Erskine + Owen has just launched its syndicated investment product, an innovative way to pool resources, allowing more people to access residential property investment. ‘That’s completely new to this market, and it’s opened up a whole new way for investors to access high quality, high value properties they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. ‘I’ll be continuously looking at our product set to see where we can expand and innovate, adding more value,’ he says.

Originally a Wellington lad, Alistair says he and wife Kim are both delighted to be settled in Auckland after many years living and working around the globe. They’re making the most of the lifestyle on offer, including holidays at their Kinloch property near Taupo and the odd hunting and fishing near Waikaremoana. ‘New Zealand has so much to offer. For residential investors there’s a huge amount of opportunity. ‘I’m looking forward to taking the really good company that is POINT, and making it a really great company.’

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