What insurance do landlords need?

October 22, 2021

Landlords have had to make a much greater investment in their rental properties over the last few years – including meeting higher standards for insulation, heating and ventilation as required by the reformed Residential Tenancies Act and the Healthy Homes Act. So now more than ever it’s important to ensure your investment is protected, and…

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10 expert tips on how to choose the right property manager

October 12, 2021

Just purchased a new investment property? Now is the time to find the right property manager! Other than owning your own home, when you purchase an investment property you have made the biggest purchase of your lifetime. The next biggest decision you have to make is how you will manage it. Finding a property manager…

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Can renovations considerably increase the rent?

August 20, 2021

Step one:  Conducting a property review There are three types of renovations on a rental:  what needs to be done; what would be nice to do; and what will deliver increased capital value/ROI. The first step Point Property will take to review your property renovations is takes into account three key considerations: who your key…

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