Summer Maintenance for Your Property & Holiday Tips

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Summer Maintenance & Holiday Tips

Tip 1: Review what needs to be done

  • Conduct a thorough property inspection – your property manager has done this, consider tasks like heat pump maintenance, smoke detector checks, water blasting, BBQ/pool maintenance, paint touch-ups, tree and shrub maintenance, roof treatments, and gutter cleaning.
  • Last November/December, Point Property was very proactive in completing annual gutter and drainage cleans for our portfolio. As a result, only a few of our owners had damage to their properties from the storms. Gutter cleaning is a ‘must’ on the annual maintenance list.

Tip 2: Get ready for a Big Dry

  • Utilise the current moist ground for projects such as fencing, tree removal, or installing sprinkler systems before the ground becomes hard over Jan/Feb, especially if we are going to have the long hot summer as expected.

Tip 3: Short Term/Long Term Project Planning

  • Evaluate opportunities to improve the property’s capital value and rental return. Consider simple alterations or renovations to make a significant difference. Explore services like Point Growth Plan to assess and manage value-adding projects.

Tip 4: Sort your Healthy Homes strategy

  • Use the Christmas break to plan for Healthy Homes compliance. Install heat pumps and vents to ensure tenant comfort during winter. Explore interest-free loans offered by banks and councils for Healthy Homes improvements.

Tip 5: Prevention is better than cure

  • Address maintenance tasks promptly to avoid stress, cost, and inconvenience in the future. Having a Point Property Manager can facilitate a stress-free holiday period, knowing that the team is always on call.

By encouraging property owners to plan and execute maintenance tasks during the summer, you’re promoting the long-term well-being of the property, enhancing its appeal to tenants, and potentially increasing its overall value. It’s a proactive and strategic approach that aligns with effective property management practices.