Pets and tenancies. Should you allow pets?

There have been numerous articles recently, highlighting the difficulties for tenants to find accommodation when they have pets.

Many investors have a firm position of no pets on their property, but there is quite a lot to consider before you make that decision.

  • Is your property suitable for pets?
  • Should consideration be given at either the advertising stage or if a sitting tenant requests pet approval?

Apartment managers are now building pet approvals into their body corporate rules. The prospective owner/tenant will still need to make an application to the body corporate for approval, but each application will be on its own merit.

  • Is the owner/tenant responsible?
  • Are they considerate towards other occupants?
  • Have there been any previous complaints?
  • Does the current routine inspection show that the occupants are looking after the property?

It is the recommendation of Point Property to consider each request for pet approval as a stand-alone case. Many of our tenants with pets, take amazing care of your rental home and are very grateful to their landlord.

  • If the application is for a prospective tenant, get detailed references from past landlords.
  • If the application is from a sitting tenant, take into consideration their current attributes and if you approve them to have a pet, would it make them happy and want to remain in the property longer.
  • Ensure a strong pet clause is used in the tenancy agreement – this outlines that the tenant is responsible for any damage caused by the pet and that the carpets will be professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy.
  • Ensure regular 3-monthly inspections of the property.
  • The property manager is to monitor the property and issue the tenant with a breach notice to remedy immediately if there is any sign of damage.

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