Why Landlords Should Be Assessing & Giving Regular Rent Reviews

Rent Review

Sometimes, we hear landlords say, ‘times are tough, I don’t want to increase my tenants rent’. Although this may be considered an act of kindness to the tenant at the time, we know that this gesture can also have negative consequences for both parties.

The most important fact to take into consideration, is – remembering this is your investment, you bought the property to achieve financial goals, so it’s important you are maximising its performance. This may mean optimising the cash return on your investment, or simply maximising the cashflow so you can more easily cover the costs of keeping your property well-maintained. A well-maintained property will enhance its capital value.

At Point Property we have some of the best landlords in the country and we want to help you to continue to preserve the value of your investment. Some thoughts to keep in mind: