Team Member Profile – Alan Henderson

Alan Henderson, one of two directors at Point Property, is a seasoned investor who has a passion for seeing others achieve their lifestyle dreams through property investment. For nearly two decades, he has helped people plan, develop and grow their property investments and portfolios.

Now, he takes great pleasure in seeing those plans and investments come to fruition. In his free time, Alan enjoys playing the guitar and has a particular interest in flamenco music.

Alan began his career with global accounting giant Price Waterhouse, rising to senior roles in corporate finance, both within New Zealand and off-shore. Working very closely at board level across a diverse range of publicly listed companies he has gained extensive financial and commercial experience.

Alan also co-founded Erskine + Owen to specialise in offering independent property investment advisory and sourcing solutions. Alan is a chartered accountant and founding partner of a property-centric accountancy firm which carved its niche in offering advice and services to the property sector. During this time he partnered with many clients to help them build high-performing property portfolios, through strategic planning, asset structuring, feasibility of development projects and portfolio performance review.

He has also developed property investment planning software to help produce personalised property investment plans for clients. Alan’s dual Chartered Accountant and Authorised Financial Advisor status uniquely qualify him to advise clients with all mortgage and financial aspects of property transactions.