The Point Approach to Property Management

It’s your hard-earned investment property.

It’s your financial security for the future.

It’s your legacy from a loved one.

It’s your own home being rented while you are out of the country.

It was your first home.

It’s one of many in your portfolio.

Or it’s your one and only investment…..


…..and it’s also home right now for your tenants.


Every property we manage has its own story.  Which is why we tailor our services to work with you and your property.

Here's how...

We look at the bigger picture

When you choose us to manage your property our first step is to find out what your financial goals and objectives are. Then we become a key partner with you to implement and work towards your goals.

We communicate

We understand the importance of communication.  There will be times when you hear more from us than usual (such as during the tenant selection process), and when it’s business as usual you will hear from us as part of our regular property management duties.


We do everything we can to encourage positive relationships and long-term tenancies by providing an open line of communication for all our owners and tenants to utilise. We respect our tenants’ privacy and value their tenancies, BUT we put emphasis on educating and informing tenants of their obligations from day one to avoid any unnecessary issues.

We understand our legal obligations

Our team are well versed in all the legalities of managing residential property and working with tenants. We understand the Residential Tenancy Act along with the associated legislation and have secure internal process to ensure all these obligations are met.

We are a licensed property management company

Point Property are members of both REINZ (Real Estate Institute of New Zealand) and LPMNZ (Leading Property Managers of New Zealand). This means you can have confidence that we are bound by certain codes and ethics which we must deliver on to all our Owners and Tenants.

We ensure secure rent collection

All rent payments from tenants are paid directly into an Audited Trust Account so you can be assured your income is secure. And you can check payments any time with our Online Statement Access.

We are trusted property management specialists

Point Property is a member of the Real Estate Institute of NZ, members of IPMNZ and our Directors are Licensed by the REAA.


It's important to get the right property manager to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Let’s talk, about what we can do to help you get the most out of your investment.

Call us on 0800 763 123 or fill out the form below and we’ll call you.

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