April 16, 2018

The Point Approach to Property Management It’s your hard-earned investment property. It’s your financial security for the future. It’s your legacy from a loved one. It’s your own home being rented while you are out of the country. It was your first home. It’s one of many in your portfolio. Or it’s your one and…

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April 12, 2018

Commercial Property Management Let our experienced team help you optimise the performance of your portfolio. At Point Property Management we have a team ready to manage your commercial properties throughout Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown. Specialising in the management of small to medium sized properties, investors benefit from our local knowledge and experience. We come to…

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Looking for a property manager?

April 10, 2018

Looking for a property manager? Why you should talk to us first. Whether you have just bought, are currently managing your own property or looking to replace your current property manager – you have come to the right place. Ask us about doing a free rental appraisal As specialist property managers we understand current market…

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